When I was eight-years-old, at the home of a friend, I saw an image slowly appear on a piece of photo print paper in a tray filled with a clear liquid. I was instantly hooked. I immediately started doing odd jobs in my neighborhood to earn the money I would need to convert the “fruit cellar” in the basement of my home to a darkroom. From then on I always had a camera with me. My father, a dentist, was drafted by the U.S. Army when I was 12-years-old. We moved to France for twenty-months. While there I taught photography to G.I.s in the Service Club. My father was high-ranking and we traveled a lot. I captured the things we saw in several countries with both color slides and black & white prints.

When I was 14-years-old I “went pro," meaning getting paid for my time and the resulting prints. I not only had individuals come to my home for a portrait sitting but I was driven to the homes of families by my mother for a portrait of the group. Typically it was on the occasion of a recent arrival of a new-born or for a holiday greeting card. In high school I was the “school photographer.”All the photographs appearing in the newspaper were taken by me as were many in the yearbooks.

When I graduated high school I did not want to go to college yet so I joined the United States Air Force for four years. (I went to technical school to learn to repair communication equipment but managed to "pull some strings" and was re-assigned to be a medic on a RADAR site on the top of a mountain in Oregon. (It was a LOT more fun fixing people than fixing radios.) Immediately after being discharged I went to college for three-years during which I ran the laboratory in the office of a general practitioner and surgeon. In addition to operating the lab he often took me with him to assist in a variety of surgeries.  That was fun  too.  Bored with college, in 1968 I opened an audio store in Chico, California. In 1973 I opened a full-service photography store next to it. I had taken every photography course offered at Chico State University. As a result, I have a degree that includes photography and a college-level teaching credential in the area of photography.

My photography store was called Photo World. In additional to retail sales I had a fully-equipped studio and darkroom for both black & white and color work. I did a LOT of modeling portfolios for coeds hoping to get jobs during school breaks, usually for catalogs, in the San Francisco Bay Area which was home tomost of them. I also did a lot of product photography for local businesses that manufactured products that were sold nationally. And I created images of places such custom hot tub installations and of the interior of restaurants to be used on give-away matchbooks, postcards and, occasionally, menus. I took pictures of the outside and inside of homes that were for sale. I covered live music events at Chico State University for its newspaper and various events within the local community. Over 100,000 images resulted from those experiences.

In 1979 I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend law school. While in school I did printing at California Professional Color Lab located just a short walk down the alley behind the school which was located in the Mission District of San Francisco, but I lived in the cente of Marin County: San Rafael..

I spent many years variously in the legal profession and the micro-computer industry (I owned a software company then one building and repairing hardware) but I still took pictures that documented my life. Both occupations were intellectually challenging and rewarding but neither was creative at the level that I enjoy indulging myself. So, in 2005, I "retired" -- much earlier than most people are able to do -- and am again regularly enjoying my first love: creating beautiful images of people, places, and things and capturing the excitement of live music performances and community theater.

Again being a “photo professional,” I look forward to adding to your ability to recall pleasant memories by providing a tangible remembrance in the form of an image of your face, body, or both; or assist you in your endeavors to market yourself, your services, or your commercial product.

I am especially adept at preparing images for inclusion on Websites, blogs, business cards, and social media networks.


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