Unlike most photographers, I do not have a list of people who influenced me artistically. There is only one: Yousuf Karsh, the best, and best-known, celebrity photographer of the 20th century. (1908-2002) He was, truly, a master of the art of portraiture. Most of the images that you associate with people such as Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and Mother Teresa were taken by him. He was an amazing person, very gentle and always took the time with a subject necessary to get them relaxed so he could capture a moment when they most looked like... well...themselves. In August of 1977 I had the great pleasure of visiting him in his studio in Ottawa, Canada. He was exceptionally gracious and was kind enough to show me some of the techniques that he used to create the images that are unmistakably imprinted with his artistic signature. Whenever I take a portrait I think of him looking over my shoulder, guiding me. I invite you visit the Website that features his work:

Several people who have chosen me commented that the people on my Portrait & Headshot page look "relaxed and happy." That is because they are. I take as long as needed to get my subject to feel comfortable not only in front of the camera, but with me. Sometimes that involves a walk, a meal, or both. Or just a talk about theeir work or something else occurrring in their life.

I am also a technical perfectionist. The quality of my work is better-than-good because of the extra time I spend with my subjects and the care I give to the technical elements of the creative process.

I view the creative process as highly-collaborative. To accomplish that, I will stop shooting every ten exposures or so to look at the results, with the subject, on a calibrated, 24-inch, monitor. Then we will decide what to do next: change the background; the lighting; make-up; perhaps clothing. And, of course, the pose.

I really do not "pose" my subjects. Doing so makes them look stiff, as-in "Hold that pose!" Instead, we engage in conversation. I have a radio-frequency remote shutter-release in my hand and when I see a "moment" worthy of being memorialized, I squueze the trigger and is.

I am MUCH more interested in creating perfect images than the time it takes to create them. So if there is something in your life that you want to memorialize visually, and creatively, executed with painstaking detail, contact me.

I look forward to adding to your ability to recall pleasant memories or assist you in your commercial endeavors.



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