Generally, a portrait or headshot, done at my studio, provides you with a digital copy of a minimum of twelve
"keepers," three of which will be cropped and color-balanced using Photoshop; one of which -- your choice
from the three -- will also been extensively processed by professional "age-reduction" software to optimally
enhance the image: skin-smoothing; imperfection-removal, etc. In addition, you will be given a copy of the Photoshop
files and the images that result from me using it. All for a value-packed $150. A white background is $25 additional.)

My primary concern is RESULTS! That translates to me NOT LIMITING your sitting to a fixed, or maximum, time.
It is one of the benefits of the low overhead I enjoy because I work from my home. I do not have to pay rent to a
commercial landlord so either do you through higher fees. Thus we will work together for however long it takes
to achieve the result you had in-mind when you arrived. NO OTHER LOCAL STUDIO WILL DO THAT!

If you would also like a print, I make them using an Epson Professional color printer using vivid, fade-resistant,

pigment-based, ink, on Epson paper. The charge for an 8 X 10 or 8.5 X 11-inch print, NOT mounted, is $10.00
Additional prints are also $10. Mounting on archival, 1/4" stock, with archival adhesive, is an additional $10.00 per print.

If you want more than two prints, not mounted, I suggest using Costco.
They are processed very well, on standard photo paper, at $1.49 for an 8 X10, regardless of quantity.
You choose the Costco location. Using your account information, I will download the printer driver for that location, optimize the image to comport with it, make all the photo-account arrangements, specify the order specifics, and upload
the file(s). You pick-up the prints and pay for them directly.

I, not Costco, can make a print up to 17 X 22-inches. The price increases with size.

Appointments require a $75.00 deposit made via PayPal. One re-scheduled appointment, made
with a minimum of 24-hours notice, is without penalty. Other than that, the deposit is non-refundable.

All remaining charges are due at the time that the deliverables are ready to be given to you.

If your portrait or headshot needs exceed the above or you want a price for an event or
product photography or other work that requires that I travel, call me. We will discuss the creation
and deliverables in detail, and I will give you a firm price.

(415) 492-1030

9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week.


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