I offer photographic services for such things as

-- Portraits: Intimate or casual; individuals and couples

-- Head shots for self-promotion

-- Tasteful, elegant, "arty" figure studies

-- Pregnancy (single session or incremental record)

-- Births

-- Children (from happily beaming or caught at a moment of contemplation); "candid" images taken in
their home. (The results can be amazing!) Or at a party, freeing you and your guests to simply enjoy
yourselves. I upload the photos that night to a private album for viewing and downloading.

-- Events: music; community theater productions; store openings; business parties

-- Product photography (for catalogs, Websites, and manuals)

-- Images for CDs, Websites, posters, and other types marketing and promotion

I also do photo-restoration, giving new life to old, or otherwise compromised, images.

My "studio" is my apartment in San Rafael. It is quiet and totally private. And, of course, I also work on-location. Because my overhead is low, my prices are less than those persons working in a rented commercial facility.

The quality of my work is exceptionally good because of the extra time I spend with my subjects and the care I give to the technical elements of the creative process. I view the process as highly-collaborative. That includes stopping every ten exposures or so to look at the results on a calibrated, 21-inch, monitor. Then we will decide what to do next: change the background; the lighting set-up; make-up; perhaps clothing. And, of course, the pose.

I am MUCH more interested in creating perfect images than the time it takes to create them. So if there is something in your life that you want to memorialize visually, and creatively, executed with painstaking detail, contact me.

I look forward to adding to your ability to recall pleasant memories or assist you in your commercial endeavors.


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