A "keeper” is an image that remains in the context of initially reviewing a series of “shots”
after having deleted those that are definitely not usable
for reasons such as a trial lighting
issue; blurred or out-of-focus because you moved; closed or partially-closed eyes; an
undesirable-looking mouth shape; tongue showing; a tooth showing when your mouth is
otherwise closed, or; unkempt hair
that can not be remedied and still look good
. It does
NOT mean that it is a “suitable for framing” image. It may still require cropping; rotation;
color and/or exposure correction; removal of skin imperfections such as a mole or
discolored patch; removal of a stray hair or hairs, or any other undesirable cosmetic artifact
or anomaly. Thus, it is an image that has NOT been excluded for POSSIBLE further use
because of lack of an uncorrectable problem and
IS an image that CAN BE successfully
manipulated into becoming “ready-to-frame” quality, to be displayed, or used on a
business card or electronic environment such as a Website or social-network or
professional resume-listing site.

The usual way to select the best photograph of you from a session is to eliminate
those images with a problem. After an increasingly-critical, second, pass there are usually
only one or two images that we both agree are "outstanding." Without extra charge,
ONE of those will get my full attention to take it from “outstanding” to “perfection.”
If appropriate, that is the one that will be printed. It is a process that has worked for me
for more than four-decades. I fully expect that it will also work for you.

session that resulted in twelve “finished” images, as opposed to merely the "keepers,"
minus one, would cost many times the price shown on the Packages & Prices" page.

And there would be little point it: certainly, you would not present a loved-one with
more than one framed picture of you, asking them to choose their favorite
then put what they did not choose into a drawer to be forgotten.



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